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CHARACTER NAME: Phillip Morgan
CHARACTER CANON: Alfred Hitchcock's Rope-- a mixture of both the movie and the subsequent novelization.


Backtagging: Fine by me.
Threadhopping: Fine by me. I'll probably do it myself.
Fourthwalling/canon puncture: Not so much. Phillip's as real as anything as far as he knows. Of course, if you want to recognize him as a murderer, that's fine. It can be inferred that he and Brandon gained some notoriety from their deed.


Hugging this character: Go ahead. He'll probably freak out (unless it's Brandon, and even then, if it's too public), but you can do it.
Kissing this character: You can try. He'll probably freak out even more so than with the hugging.
Flirting with this character: Flirt all you'd like-- Phillip will just look uneasy and slink off.
Fighting with this character: Fight with him if you want; he's not exactly the boldest man, so he probably won't fight back unless it's really a life or death situation. Even in that sort of a situation, he's not likely to do much damage.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I don't mind if you injure Phillip, so long as it makes sense. He's not going to be fighting back much, as previously stated, so I don't foresee the need for too many people going overboard on him.
Killing this character: SOCIETY ALREADY WANTS TO Yeah, let's talk before that happens.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure.

Triggers: Talk of murder, focus on his hands, eating chicken/talk of why he does not
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